Western Maryland Tenant Watch Program



Questions and Answers


What can I expect to get from a subscription to Western MD Tenant Watch Program?

The Western Maryland Tenant Watch Program, also known as Tenant Watch, is the most comprehensive listing of all the Non-Payment of Rent cases in Allegany County. You will not find this information anywhere else. It does not exist. This program gives you 24-hour, on-line access to a database of over 7,300 rental cases to-date. This is the most extensive listing of not only tenant names, rental addresses, landlord names, landlord phone numbers, and dollar amounts involved, but it also gives you eviction information. This information is invaluable if you are a current landlord in Allegany County and you are trying to determine if a prospective tenant is right for your property.


How do I gain access to this information?

The web address is http://westernmdtenantwatch.com/login.php. You will need a User Name and Password to gain access into the site, which will be provided to you once you submit your subscription paperwork and appropriate subscription fee. We ask that you DO NOT share this private information with other parties as this will result in termination of your account.


I am not computer savvy. How can I get this information without using a computer?

If you don't know how to use a computer, you can still gain access to this database. Once you subscribe, all you have to do is call us at 301-777-7124 and we will give you all the information you are seeking as quickly as possible. It's that easy. So, now there are no excuses for landlords who are not computer savvy. You need this information as much as any other landlord in the area in order to streamline your prospective tenants and now you can access it.


How can I look up a prospective tenant?

We have several ways to search for a prospective tenant. The easiest way is to search by the person's last name. Even if you are not sure of the spelling, you can just type the first couple letters and any name associated with those letters will appear. We actually recommend this latter way to search tenants because sometimes landlords record incorrect spelling on the court forms and the name may be listed several ways.

Another way to search our database if you are not sure of the spelling of the last name is to search by their first name. All records with the first name as you indicated will appear. Just scroll down the list to see if your person is on it.

You can also search our database by  "Last Court Date," "Address," "Landlord's Name" and "Landlords Phone Number."  If they are in our database, you are sure to find them.


What is the purpose of searching by addresses?

We have found that some prospective tenants will give you false names for their landlords. By searching by addresses you can find out what landlord or management company actually owns/manages the property where this person says they currently live. This feature only works if the landlord for that address actually took someone to court in the past 5 years that lived at that address. If the landlord for that address did not take anyone to court, then we have no record of a landlord connected to a specific address. But we are finding more and more landlords are listed in our database.


What purpose does it serve me to know the landlord's name?

A current or past landlord is extremely valuable information for you. We also include the phone number of the landlord when it is listed on the court record. Since our database covers a 5-year period of time, a person may be listed more than once and listed with several landlords. We highly recommend you call the various landlords listed and find out all you can about this person who wants to rent from you. This may be the turning point in your decision.


What if I don't know the correct spelling of a prospective tenant's name?

The Search area is set up to accept a portion of the person's last name. If the person told you his last name was Tichinel and you are not sure exactly how to spell it, you could just type in "Tich" and click "enter". Every name with the letters "Tich" will appear. Then you will be able to see Tichinel, Tichenel, Tichinele, Tichnel.


How do I interpret the information listed in this database?

Names in our database are taken directly from the Allegany County District Court documents for Non-Payment of Rent. However, if the Landlord (plaintiff) makes errors on the court forms and/or the information is hard to read, it may result in spelling errors beyond our control. We will retain the original documentation for a 5-year period for possible future reference or verification. We also try to contact the landlord for correct spelling as we want this database to be as accurate as possible. Below is all the information that is listed in our database taken from these court documents. 

When you locate your prospective tenant in our database, just click on the turquois button with the white center located on the right-hand side of the page and it will take you to another page where you will see more information about the specific court case, such as the tenant's full address.  You will also see a "Notes" section. Usually it details if the landlord received a money judgment or not. This information is important because the previous Landlord can now garnish the tenant's wages, which reduces the amount of money the tenant now has in his cash flow to pay you. It may show that the person moved from the property owing that landlord a considerable amount of money. You need to ask yourself if this is the type tenant you want in your property?


How accurate is the information in this database?

We only use public court records that come directly from the Allegany County District Court. We do not add or delete any information to this paperwork. It is, however, possible that the Landlord or his/her agent may have misspelled a tenant's name, address or made other errors when completing the form. We do not correct the information unless we can contact the landlord or his/her agent for clarification. Otherwise this information will pass through the system and be included in this database "as is" listed on the form. We are not responsible for incorrect information submitted by these court records.


Can't I get this same information from Maryland's Judicial Page?

The District Court of Maryland does not capture this information at this time. The only way you have access to it is to subscribe to the Tenant Watch Program. (Click the "Sign-Up Form" box on the Home page to obtain the subscription form.)


How much does the Western MD Tenant watch Program cost?

There are quite a few expenses associated with this program and it is important to cover our costs in order to keep this program operating. If you click on the Sign-Up Form box on the Home page you will see the subscription and fees associated with this program. There are different fees associated with the type landlord you are. Be sure to select the correct type of landlord.

How can I pay for this service?

We can only accept payment by check or money order. We do not accept credit cards at this time. Checks or money orders should be made payable to Western MD Tenant Watch and mailed to: 14415 Williams Road, SE, Cumberland, MD 21502


I have a Tenant that owes me money from the past can I get it added to the database?

We will not add any information provided by others! Our only source for information is the actual court documents as provided by the Clerks at the District Court. That is why it is imperative for landlords to proceed through the District Court when non-payment of rent issues occur. This is the only way the person will be added to this database.


Is this database listing considered a "black list" for prospective tenants?

The information we use to create our database is public information obtained from the Allegany County District Court. It is the information submitted on the Non-Payment of Rent court papers and the Warrant of Restitution court papers that we use. We provide this information into one database to make it easy for landlords to obtain.


How long do you keep this information on the database?

The  information is kept in the database for 5 years. After the 5-year period expires, the information is automatically deleted from the database. The hardcopy form is also deleted from the files at that time. We believe a 5-year recordkeeping database meets our needs in tracking tenants who have been taken to court for non-payment of rent. We are not trying to "blacklist" anyone. But we feel it is important to carry these records 5 years to show, in some cases, a pattern of megative bnehavior as it relates to paying rent.  


My friend, who is also a landlord, wants me to look up someone in this database. Can I give out the information that I find to him?

We ask landlords not to share this information with non-subscribers. The reason being, this information does cost money to obtain. It is important to cover our costs as much as possible. We strongly believe the information in this database is valuable for all landlords who have property in Allegany County. When you "give away" our collected information you are defeating our purpose of this program. We need to all work together to keep this program alive and that means subscription fees apply to anyone who wants access to this information. Otherwise, the program may not be able to continue, and we believe that would be detrimental to the landlord community. So we are asking you not to share this information.


What if I only need the service periodically and want to pay monthly?

There are no monthly rates or "Pay-As-You-Go" subscriptions. There is an annual fee and a partial fee. The annual fee runs from January through December in a program year and is the best rate. The partial fee runs from the month you need access to the website up to and including December 31st of that year. We do give discounted rates for current members who re-subscribe for the next program year. It is our way of saying "Thank You" for supporting this program.


How do I sign up?

The Subscription Form can be found on the "Sign-Up Form" link on the Home page of this website. You will notice there are several types of subscriptions rates. Fill in the subscription form that best describes you as a landlord. Mail the subscription form to: 14415 Williams Road, SE, Cumberland, MD 21502 and include your check or money order made out to  Western MD Tenant Watch. As soon as we receive and process it, we will email you or contact you via the phone with your User Name and Password. 


How do I contact the Tenant Watch Program when I have questions or need more information?

For all questions about rates, billing, login, passwords and etc., call 301-777-7124. Please leave a detailed message if no one answers the phone. You can also reach us by sending an e-mail to info@westernmdtenantwatch.com.