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The Western Maryland Tenant Watch Program is the most comprehensive listing of all the Non-Payment of Rent cases in Allegany County. You will not find this information anywhere else. It just does not exist. This program gives you 24-hour on-line access to a database of over 7,300 rental cases to-date. This is the most extensive listing of not only tenant names, rental addresses, landlord names, landlord phone numbers, and dollar amounts involved, but it also gives you eviction information. This information is invaluable if you are a current landlord in Allegany County. Stop wondering if your prospective tenant pays his/her rent or not. All you have to do is search their last name. And if you are not sure how to spell their last name, then search by their first name. If that person is in our database, you can find them. If they have been taken to court in the past 5 years, you will know it within seconds. The minimal cost of this program can save you a lot when your turn-over rate reduces and your time spent in the court system is minimized.

The information in this database is updated approximately every 30 days on or around the middle of the month covering records submitted the previous month.  Records are held in the database for 5 years.

In order to access the Tenant Watch database you must subscribe to it and obtain an User Name and Password. The program is computer-friendly. But, if you do not know how to use a computer or just do not have time to spend on a computer, we will accommodate you also. Once you, as a "non-computer user," subscribe to the program we will access the information you need via the telephone. Just call us and we can look up the information for you. Now, any landlord who has property in Allegany County can access this extensive database.

We believe the information listed in our database provides the most up-to-date data to assist landlords in determining if a prospective tenant will pay his/her rent or not. All information obtained is from public court records issued by the Allegany County District Court. These records are not subject to any privacy regulations.They are pubic information and we give it to you at your fingertips. Should there be any errors in our database, it may be due to the inaccuracies or errors introduced by the Landlord or their agents when submitting the original complaint to the court. Any errors detected can be reported to us for correction by the landlord or we may contact the landlord directly if we determine an error may exist.

When using this database a number of caveats need to be considered. For instance, many tenants have the same or similar names and, as the District Court records contain no distinguishing marks, we can only separate them by their rental address, time period and/or Landlord. Care must be taken to examine these records when using them to accept or reject a prospective tenant. In some cases, a Failure to Pay Rent Complaint may be dismissed because the Tenant paid the rent prior to Court or the Complaint may be filed to get the Tenant assistance from Social Services. So your selection or non-selection of a prospective tenant is totally up to you and how you analyze the information give. All the  information on the court document is listed in our database. Again, it is the most comprehensive database you will find to help you determine the best tenant for your property.